SVW CPA1 SK260CS Framing Line project

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   Dalian Auto Tech undertook SVW CPA1 SK260CS Framing Line project, and it was the first domestic enterprise who won the bid of framing line under SVW MQB standard. Key technologies applied: products digital planning, workshop logistic simulation, 3D digital design, robot simulation, equipments and parts CNC manufacturing, digital measuring, PLC control system, framing control, robot flexible system design, laser welding and robot hemming techniques.
   Project Technical Parameter
   Model FABIA NF
   Cycle time Online 153 S/Underline 162 S
   Automatic station 22
   Manual station 8
   Welding robot 36
   Gripper robot 3
   Stud welding robot 1
   Burnishing robot 2
   Hemming robot 3
   No of welding gun 42
   No of fixture 22
   Special equipment 68
   The Project Content & Experiences: Planning, design, and manufacture equipments (excl.robot),power conduit and steel structure; robot simulation; ergonomia analysis; digital plant, manufacture the special equipment and fixtures; automatic control system installation and commissioning; robot off line and online programming; equipments on-site installation and commissioning.

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