BBAC MRA V205_Z1 BIW UB Line Project

   On April 16, 2012 DLAT won the bid of BBAC MRA V205_Z1 BIW UB Line Project. It is a general contract project whose line will be built in BBAC new plant. The project covers an area of 16,000 sqm. It includes planning, designing, simulation, manufacturing, equipments purchasing, integration and commissioning in Dalian, and then packing, transporting to BBAC, installation, commissioning, optimization at each stage of the project till final acceptance.
   Project Automization:Robot 206,Automation rate 87%.
   Advanced technologies applied:
   Laser Welding: Incl. laser brazing and ROBSCAN, and ROBSCAN is the first time to be applied in China.
   Aluminum riveting techniques
   Incl.:Impact(5 sets)
       HSN(38 sets)
       Clinchen(2 sets)
       FLS (1 set)
   All of the above techniques are advanced application in vehicle body welding line in China, and also in the worldwide. All equipments are imported from Europe, and then installed and commissioned by DLAT.
   Electronic control Plus system can match automatically between stations, allows synergistic actions and realize fuzzy control.
   Car body 2D code recognition system can record, recognize and track every car body information through 2D code scanning and reading equipment and PROFINET.
   This project is the first one that Mercedez-Benz co-operates with Chinese manufacturer for a car model which will be marketing globally. DLAT becomes the first Chinese local supplier to Mercedez-Benz. It has a significant influence on China BIW integrator industry; moreover, it demonstrates DLAT’s professional capacity and competence to Mercedez-Benz and other international automobile enterprises.

We  Will

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