SVW Changsha UB II

   SVW Changsha plant is located in Changsha Economic Development Zone with annual capacity of 300,000 vehicles.
   Dalian Auto-Tech undertook UB lIIine for its Body Shop.
   VW321/8CS New LAVIDA Facelift & VW378CS Touran NF UB II point welding line, capacity of 60 JPH,meanwhile reserved for follow-upassembly of SK376/1CS A+ SUV.
   VW321/8CS New LAVIDA Facelift & VW378CS Touran NF UB II repair welding line( line 1, line 2, line 3), capacity of 60 JPH, meanwhile reserved for follow-up assembly of SK376/1CS A+ SUV.

   Station 3010
   In this project, station 3010 is the station where robots are used mostly. This station includes 17 robots work together; 11 of them are welding robots, incl. 3 hanging robots, 3 GEO gripper robots, 3 handling gripper robots. Station cycle time is 51 seconds, incl. 16 seconds for transmission and 35 seconds for robots welding. In 35 seconds rear wheel caps(L&R) and radiator GEO can be finished.

   Station 3030
   Total 12 robots used to weld rear coaming, front and rear wheel caps GEO station, incl. 6 welding robots, 3 GEO gripper robots and 3 transmission grippers. All are operated in automatic transmission and loading way.

We  Will

Dalian Auto in future will implement core business of high end diversification by continuous virtuous innovation.

Dalian Auto in future will build perfect career planning platform for employees with humanized system.

Dalian Auto in future will lead new development of the industry and create a new pattern of international market with specific core competences.