Company Milestones

On 23 October 1990, Dalian Auto Motoring Technology Development Company was established.

From 1992, company developed and started production of several types of bus welding processing equipments and spring balancer.

In 1994, company began the application of CAD, marking the full-scale entrance into the stage of computer graphics.

In 2002, company was relocated to new facility in No.26 Xin Da Street, Hi-Tech Zone Dalian, covering area of 30,000 square meters, in contrast to 20 square meters at startup. The wholly owned subsidiary, Dalian Automobile Facility Producing Co., LTD was set up in the same year.

In 2005, second phase of plant construction in Hi-Tech zone was completed, meeting the request of test weld for car welding line.

In 2007, the company was reformed into Dalian Auto-Tech Incorporated Corporation.

In 2008, Changchun Branch was founded.

In 2009, German subsidiary was founded.

In 2010, Dalian Auto Software Technology Ltd. was founded and changed its name to Dalian Cloud-tech Inc. in 2014.

In 2010, Nanjing Branch was founded.

In 2012, Beijing Branch was founded.

In 2013,Dalian Auto Industry-automation Equipment Co., Ltd. was set up.

In 2013, Japanese Subsidiary was set up and Dalian Auto new factory in Longtou was built and put into use in October of the same year.

In 2014, American Subsidiary was set up.

In 2014, Zhuanghe Qingyun Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. was established.

June 2015, starting construction of DLAT Plant Phase II.

June, 2015 Yantai subsidiary was formally established and started its operation.

Dalian Auto has been appraised as a qualified supplier by German Volkswagen Group. It was officially released in July on the suppliers’ platform that Volkswagen shares all the welding line projects bidding information of their global plants to Dalian Auto. It indicates that once again Dalian Auto has stepped delectable one pace to the international automobile welding line industry.

DLAT Shenyang Branch was established in Nov.2015.

June 2016, Dalian Auto Industry-automation Equipment Co., Ltd. has formally relocated to the new production and assembly plant in Phase II.

2017-4, Mr. Yinan Chen, President of DLAT was honored as Dalian Excellent Entrepreneurs.

2018-8, Subsidiary in South Africa was founded.

We  Will

Dalian Auto in future will implement core business of high end diversification by continuous virtuous innovation.

Dalian Auto in future will build perfect career planning platform for employees with humanized system.

Dalian Auto in future will lead new development of the industry and create a new pattern of international market with specific core competences.