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2018 Recruitment Plan
Dalian Auto-Tech Industry-automation Equipment Co., Ltd. Job Posting
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Contact:Zou Yang

No. Position No. of Talents Responsibilities Requirements
1 Cost Accountant
1 Strengthen project cost management, cost supervision, feedback, analysis work, etc.

1.Bachelor Degree or above in Accounting, Financial Management or relative. CET-4.
2.At least 3 years cost accounting experience in manufacture enterprises, familiar with relevant laws and regulations, skilled at various financial software and office software.
3.Thorough and careful, strong sense of responsibility, strong learning ability and good communication skills.


2 Mechanical Quotation Engineer 2 Responsible for overseas OEM(i.e. Benz, BMW) bidding quotation and business negotiation, including cost accounting, equipment and service inquiry, communication between company departments or customers. 1.Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Design and Manufacture, Automation, Mechatronics or relative; CET-6, good at listening, speaking, reading and writing.
2.More than 3 years working experience in mechanical, automation or automotive industry, familiar with quotation, business and negotiation process. Overseas experience would be considered as priority.
3 Project Manager/Assistant PM 1 Report to project manager, managing BIW projects, communicating with Party A, coordinating with other departments to manage projects, accomplishing tasks as per project manager's requests. 1. Bachelor Degree in Mechanic or German.
2. CGT4 or above,capability to communicate effectively in German, both verbally and written.
3. At least 1 year project or technical management experience in automobile industry. Participated,implemented automobile factories' projects and finished well would be preferred.
4. Strong sense of responsibility, quick learner, good communication ability with an overall point of view. Adapt to overtime work and long-term business travel.
5. Graduates in 2018/2019 may also be considered.
4 Simulation Engineer/Assitant Engineer 10 In overseas project talent pool. 1.Bachelor Degree in Mechanic, Industrial Engineering , English or German.
2.CET-4 or above in English or German; capability to communicate effectively in German or English, both verbally and written.
3.Over 1 year relavant experience would be preferred; familiar with Office software, good knowledge of PD or CATIA, UG.
4.Self-motivated,initiative with strong sense of responsibility; good team player; adapt to overtime work and business travel.
5.Graduates in 2018/2019 may also be considered.
5 Robot Engineer/Assistant Engineer
2 Robot online commissioning and programming. 1. Bachelor Degree in Automation,Electrical Engineering or Mechanotronics. Good command of English or German.
2.Over 1 years experience, at least one (KUKA, ABB, FANUC) robot programming experience.
3.Be familiar with at least one of robot programming standards( e.g. spot,stud,gluing...). Implemented or supported at least 2 robot programming projects.
4.High team spirit and good communication skill. Adapt to business travel.
5.Graduates in 2018/2019 may also be considered.
6 3D Design Engineer/Assistant Engineer(Changchun Branch)
2 Non-standard equipment design for automotive automation production line. 1.Bachelor degree, major in mechanical design, manufacturing and automation, fluent in English.
2.More than one year experience in 3D design of welding industry, skilled in CATIA or UG software.
3.Initiative, strong sense of responsibility, initiative and teamwork spirit.
4.Adapt to overtime work and business travel.
7 Planning Engineer/Assistant Engineer
(Shenyang/Nanjing Branch)
Divide and draw up production process(including ergonomic engineering analysis, potential hazard analysis, etc.)in accordance with automobile factory requirements,and arrange relevant process equipments as per layout provided by automobile factory . 1. Bachelor Degree or above in Mechanical Design or Industrial Engineering. Good command of English or German.
2. At least 1 year working experience with welding planning or relative. Good skills with office software, PD,CATIA or UG.
3. Self-motivated,initiative with strong sense of responsibility. Good team player.
4. Adapt to overtime work and business travel.
8 PLC Engineer/Assistant Engineer
(Beijing Branch)
4 PLC software design, field debugging, project companion. 1.Bachelor Degree in factory electrical control related. Able to communicate and write fluently in English;
2.Master at least one kind of PLC programming software and related software, familiar with auto industry software programming standard; experience in software design and commissioning of two or more projects.
3. Self-motivated,initiative with strong sense of responsibility. Good team player.
4. Adapt to overtime work and business travel.
9 Maintenance Fitter
(Beijing Branch)
20 Complete equipments maintenance and commissioning, ensure safe production. 1.Secondary school or above (including), 1 year relative working experience.
2.Willing to do hard work, obey company regulations,complete all tasks arranged by leaders on time.
3.Good communication skill, precise and careful, self-motivated.
4.Adapt to overtime work and business travel.
10 Software Development Engineer 1 1. Responsible for secondary development of mechanical engineering software (CATIA, NX, PDPS, etc.).
2. Responsible for the development of other relevant software required by the company.
3. Participate in demand research, write functional documentation.
4. Complete technical investigation, design and development.
5. Maintenance of various softwares.
1. More than 2 years of software development experience, proficient in c ++ or c # programming language.
2. Master at least one mainstream database, such as Oracle, SQL Server, Mysql, etc.
3. Have mechanical background or understand common engineering software, such as CATIA, NX, PDPS, etc.
4.Strong learning ability, good teamwork, documentation and communication skills.

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